strength exercises



step back lunge to bi curl

Step back with your left leg while engaging your abs to a back lunge or tap (easier). Bring your left leg back to standing and then do a bicep curl. Switch to your right leg and repeat this movement, alternating legs with a bicep curl in between.



Lay on your back with your feet on the floor (easier) or elevated (harder) on a stability ball (hardest) or a chair/step. Abs in tight and as you lift your hips, squeeze your booty at the top of the bridge. As you set your hips back down, tap your lower back down first (this causes your abs to "scoop."


chest presses

This exercise can be done laying on your back on the floor, a ball or a bench. Keep arms over your chest and as you bend your elbows, pinch your shoulder blades together as you lower your arms towards the ground. Make sure elbows aren't wide at a 90 degree. Click them in so you have smooth movement through your shoulder as you bend and straighten your arms.


Plank blast off with push up

This exercise can be done in a full plank position then driving hips back and forward into a full push up or it can be done going back into childs pose and then a half push up.


static lunge

Start in a lunge position with legs staggered. Make sure your abs are engage and squeeze your booty then bent your knees to lower (further down is harder-less bend is easier). Elevated your back leg to make this very hard. Use support for balance if needed. Add weights in hands to make this even harder.


chest fly with leg drop

Lay on your back and use light dumbbells to open with slightly bent elbows. While lowering your arms down to the side drop one leg to the ground while engaging your core (think about tightening abs). *Modification: If the leg option is to complicated, just complete the upper body portion while keeping both feet on the floor.

10 Drops/Side

Squat to Press

Standing pull abs in tight and drive hips back while keeping weight on heels and pinky toe to a squat. Stand up and extend arms overhead. This can also be done sitting in a chair then standing up to press. Keep abs engaged and focus on squeezing your booty.


supine lat pullovers

Laying on the floor or a ball take arms overhead while keeping a slight bend in the elbows and hinging from the shoulders. Keep the rib cage down (especially when arms are overhead-really engage abs here).


rear delt flies

Hinge at hips slightly, use light dumbbells for this exercise. Keep elbows slightly bent and centered under chest. Extend arms out to side using back shoulder muscles.


seated overhead presses

Sit on a ball or a bench/chair and engage your abs. Drop elbows by your side and punch to the sky. Make sure you can see your weights in your peripheral vision (this will ensure they aren't flared too far. Start with lighter dummbeels to make sure shoulder feels good. Increase weight to make this harder. Don't arch back when straightening arms overhead.


single leg bridge/hip thruster

Using a bench, couch or chair elevate your upper back while one foot on the floor and one leg in the air. Look forward while lifting hips and  squeeze booty at the top of the bridge. This can be done on the laying on your back on the floor also (for more support). This exercise is to target the booty muscles.


row wiht a pause

Hinge at hips and extend arms down. Drive elbows to the sky and pinch the shoulder blades while pausing. Keep abs engaged and knees slightly bent. Use medium-heavy weights for this exercise.


high to low woodchop

Take arms overhead slightly to the right and slice arms down diagonally while squatting (sit back into a chair). Repeat movement on this side until reps are completed.


goblet squat pulses

Slight turn out of toes, sit back into chair and keep chest tall and back long. Use a dumbbell to increase the intensity. Make sure to keep your toes light and press down through the floor with your pinky toes and outside heel as you press up and down.


push ups

Extend legs and engage all your leg muscles as well as abdominal muscles while you bend your elbows and pinch shoulder blades to lower chest to the ground. Push the floor away with your hands to extend. To make this easier, lower knees to ground.


walking lunges

Take a step and lunge down while keeping abs engaged and carefully lowering body while bending your knees. Don't lunge as deep to make this easier. Add dumbbells to make it harder.


wall sit with leg extension

While sitting on a wall with lower and upper back and head again against the wall extend one leg forward and drop it down. Repeat all 15 front kicks then switch sides.


donkey kicks-all 4's

In an all 4's position on the floor, keep one knee bent and lift heel to the sky. Squeeze your booty at the top of this movement (when leg is up). Keep upper body still and abs engaged so the lower back does not move.


Alternating lat pullover

Lay on your back and pull abs into spine. Take both arms above your chest and slowly alternating one arm down and then the other; switching. As your arm goes down towards the ground engage your core even more and keep ribs clamped down.


Alternating chest fly

Lay on your back on a ball (harder) or the floor (easier-more stability). Alternate lifting one arm and then the other to the center line for a single arm chest fly. Make sure to engage your abs and squeeze your booty.

1 Minute

chest press

Either laying on the floor (easy) or on a ball (harder) let your elbows drop by your side while pinching your shoulder blades together. Reach to the sky and extend your arms straight up into the air. Keep your abs in and squeeze your booty while you do all of this.


sumo squat

With heels slightly wider than your hips and toes turned slightly out, bend the knees into a squat while keeping the abs in. Drive up through your pinky to and the outside of your heel and squeeze your booty at the top.


standing side and front shoulder raises

Stand with knees slightly bend and abs engaged. Keep elbows slightly bend and take arms out to side and then forward. Repeat this until all reps are complete.

10/Side and Front

single arm row

Either standing with a band around a pole (easier) or bent over hinging from the hips (do not do this if you have back issues)-extend one arm so it's all the way straight and then pull the arm back while squeezing the scapula towards the midline of the back. In both positions draw the abs in to stabilize the lower spine.


tricep extensions

Either laying on your back or standing extend your arms by straightening your elbows and think about squeezing your tricpes while you do this. Then bend your elbows and think about lengthening the back of your arm muslces while you do this.


deadlift row

Option to deadlift (hinge at hips) and row (squeeze shoulder blades together) at bottom and then stand up OR with a band around a pole stand and row with a squat. The standing option is good for those who have back issues and cannot bend over.


chest presses (knee tuck opt)

Lay on your back and use dumbbells to bend and straighten arms for a chest press. Add bicycle legs to make this exercise harder...for the brain and the legs/abs.

20-30 total

split hold lateral raise

Stand in a lunge position with abs engaged. Lower the back knee closer to the floor to make this harder. Keep the back knee lifted for less of a lunge to make it easier. Use light dumbbells to lift arms straight out to the side. Elbows should be slightly bent and think about lifting with the top of your shoulder.


sumo squat with a row

Wrap a medium-heavy band around a pole. Squat down by driving your hips back and abs engaged. Press up through your heels and pinky toes by pushing down through the floor. At the top of the movement, keep knees bent and engage abs to row arms back.


wall squat with band break aparts

Use a wall to sit in an invisible chair. Grab a medium tension band and pull the band apart by squeezing your shoulders back. Keep your elbows slightly bent and try to use your back shoulder muscles.


squat/sit to stand with 1 arm overhead press

Squat with 1 dumbbell in your right hand. As you stand up drive your arm overhead. Keep abs engaged. If squats are an issue, use a chair/bench to sit all the way down to work on the biomechanics of a squat movement while performing this exercise. Drive through your pinky toe and outside edge of heel to stand up.


standing single arm break aparts

Use a light to medium band. Grab the band on the ends so there's space between your hands. Stabilize one arm out on front while pulling the other arm back using your upper back muscles. Be careful not to engage your neck. 


bent over tricep kickbacks

Hinge from hips with a flat back and extend your arms by your side back behind. Bent at the elbow and bring your hands forward. 


sumo squat with a bi curl

Standing with your feet slightly wider than hip distance and slightly turned out, bend your knees and lower into a sumo squat (press through the outside heel and pinky toe). Straighten your legs and do a bicep curl as you come up.


snow angels

Either over a ball (squeeze glutes and engage legs) or standing facing towards the light band trace a snow angel up and down. Keep core engaged and focus on taking arms through a full range of motion. 



Lay over a ball and take your hands behind your back. Place your feet on the wall behind you, slightly turned out and engage your legs. Drive your hips into the and you lift your chest up with "bad posture." Squeeze your glutes a lot. 


pigeon lunges

Place your leg on a bench or chair (hip stretch) without knee pain. Engage your back leg and then bend it down for 1 rep. Option to do regular lunges here also!