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Core Warm Up

Notes: Repeat Super set exercises in this series for a total of 3 times through with no break between each exercise (obviously, take a break if you need it). This is a 6 minute ab workout. 

single leg v up

Lay on your back and reach up with your opposite arm and leg to touch. Keep abs engaged especially as you lower your arm and leg. You may choose to keep your head down if it adds unnecessary neck tension. Use a light dumbbell or opt for no weight.

30 Seconds/Side

cross leg raises

Lay on your back and cross one leg over the other. Keep bottom leg bent to make this exercise easier and straighten it to make it harder. Keep abs engaged especially as you lower the legs. 

30 Seconds/Side

Strength Series

Notes: Repeat the Super Set for a total of 3 times through.

chest presses (knee tuck opt)

Lay on your back and use dumbbells to bend and straighten arms for a chest press. Add bicycle legs to make this exercise harder...for the brain and the legs/abs.

20-30 total

split hold lateral raise

Stand in a lunge position with abs engaged. Lower the back knee closer to the floor to make this harder. Keep the back knee lifted for less of a lunge to make it easier. Use light dumbbells to lift arms straight out to the side. Elbows should be slightly bent and think about lifting with the top of your shoulder.


Strength Series

Notes: Repeat the Super Set for a total of 3 times through.

sumo squat with a row

Wrap a medium-heavy band around a pole. Squat down by driving your hips back and abs engaged. Press up through your heels and pinky toes by pushing down through the floor. At the top of the movement, keep knees bent and engage abs to row arms back.


wall squat with band break aparts

Use a wall to sit in an invisible chair. Grab a medium tension band and pull the band apart by squeezing your shoulders back. Keep your elbows slightly bent and try to use your back shoulder muscles.


Endurance Series

Notes: Repeat the Super Set in this series for a total of 3 times through. 

db side sweep

Use a light-medium dumbbell and sweep it to the right and left as you squat/hinge. Make sure feet stay centered on ground and think about engaging abs and legs to stay strong and grounded while you move your arms right and left.


alt step back with rotation

Step back to a deep (harder) or shallow (easier) lunge while rotating your arms and torso towards the front bent knee. You can use weights (harder) or not (easier).


Endurance Series

Notes: Repeat the Super Set in this series for a total of 3 times through. 

alternate side kicks

Alternate kicking to the right and to the left. Imagine there is a wall in front of you and behind you. Don't kick the wall. Kick directly to the side. Keep knees slightly bent.


mountain climbers (slider option)

Get into a plank position with your hands on the floor (harder) or this can be done with torso elevated on a bench or couch (easier). Alternate taking legs forward and back. You can use a furniture slider (on carpet) or paper plates (on hardwood) to keep this lower impact.


Mobility/Cool Down

Notes: Repeat 2 exercises in this series for a total of 1 times through.

low lunge hold

Begin in all 4's and then swing one leg forward to a low lunge position.  Hold this for a nice hip stretch. An easier option is to sit on the ground with one foot in front of the other and lean forward. Make sure you are only going to a minimally uncomfortable state and breathing calmly.

30-60 Seconds

stretching cat/cow

On all 4's take a big long inhale as you lift your tailbone to the sky and chest forward and head looking slightly up then exhale slowly while you tuck your tailbone under while rounding your back and tucking chin to chest