What's Your Best Weight?

While you may or may not agree with this statement, it comes from almost 2 decades of working with hundreds of clients.

There might be seasons of life where hard work, focus and tenacity add up to a desired weight. However, that season is often very short lived and comes with a price tag called rebound weight. I could go into the detailed science but the main thing you want to know is the #1 thing our bodies want is homeostasis (or sameness). When you have been living in a caloric deficit for a period of time, the body is primed for weight gain. It's the reason slow and steady wins. Losing weight slowly over time gives your body ample time to adjust and decreases the biological need to bounce back to the original weight.

Many of the people I've worked with are tired of the rollercoaster that comes with detoxes, cleanses and any other "hard core" diet. Unfortunately most of us have to go through the experience in order to realize it's not worth repeating.

However, that realization along with the aging process pushes us in a direction that requires the development of a specific skill set in order to live our healthiest life that we actually enjoy. That takes time and dedication but something I'm extremely passionate about.

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