For as long as I can remember, every corner of the fitness industry boasts the need for motivation to reach goals. But there's a huge problem here. What happens when you don't have it? I know if we could control it, we'd choose to be motivated.

We all want to live our days feeling the best. Wouldn't that be motivation enough? Realistically, there are days (heck, seasons) where we just don't feel it. So what then? When motivation isn't close enough to grab onto, what then?

I think there's 3 things to keep in mind.

1. Motivation comes and goes.

It's not dependable.

Some days we feel more motivated and some days we don't. There are several key factors that affect this:

-Sleep. I promise it's not overrated. Get 8 hours. Any less opens us up to motivation dips.

-Eating nutrient dense foods. The minerals and micronutrients do wonders.

-Move. Get in the habit of moving every day and don't stop. Human biology tells us how good we will feel. So it should never be a shock that you feel amazing after doing something.

2. Best practices.

This means, look at the people that are slaying their fitness life and figure out what they are doing. Not rocket science here, just copy them!

So what do they do? I think uncovering the curtain behind these folks might shock everyone:

-The biggie is that motivation isn't a factor.

-They aren't relying on motivation to carry them. T

-They rely on the habits and skills they have practices they worked diligently to set in place. Those are their foundation.

Motivation isn't what carries them, it's their habits. I'll get real personal for a second and speak for myself. I've been working in the fitness industry since 2002. My fitness life has been far from perfect over those years but for the most part, it's been consistent.

3 realities about my life:

-I don't wake up motivated everyday.

-I honestly don't stay motivated. I' have lulls.

-I don't have but a handful of epic workouts each month. Many of the workouts are just, meh.

3. Stay mindful.

Knowing the truth about motivation will set you free! You won't feel like you have to depend on it anymore. The biggest challenge is going to be the awareness that you have the ability to make a choice that's good for your body, mind and soul even if you don't have the motivation.

3 Ways to stay mindful:

*Some days just suck. Expect that and it won't cause you to quit.

*Some workouts aren't great. Expect those days and you won't be shocked and tempted to skip them.

*Eating perfectly doesn't exist. If you are convinced someone eats perfectly, they likely suffer from orthorexia. Accept it's not real and say good-bye to black and white.

So what's the solution?

The solution is to stop depending on motivation as a basis for decision making. Fully understand that every day won't be easy. It's a decision we make whether we feel like it or not. The more decisions we make to follow through when we don't feel like it, the easier it will get.

Let go of motivation as your guiding star. It will let you down. It's not dependable. It will come and go. Continuing to rely on it will keep you in a hamster wheel. Remember that habits will sustain and behaviors consistently practiced will always shine through!!