Smoothies, Yay or Nay?

Protein shakes have been all the rage, but are they right for you?

Over the years I've found they can be a great fit for some, while also a no-go for others. Remember, everything isn't black and white in fitness. You can achieve your goals with or without drinking a shake, smoothie, juice, etc. As with most things in life, I like a pros and cons list!

Here's the rundown.


1. Easy to throw together for a quick breakfast on the go while headed out the door.

2. The extra protein can help keep you fuller, longer.

3. The extra protein can increase daily protein intake if that's an issue.

4.You feel great, have more energy and it works for you! You aren't doing it because it's a fad or someone else told you it works.

5. A liquid vitamin. They can be extremely nutrient dense and an easy way to get micro nutrients.

*Spinach-veggie serving

*Protein Powder -increased protein

*Chia Seed-fiber

*Flax and Hemp Seeds-good fat

*Collagen-Can be a boost to hair, skin, nails and connective tissue

*Fruit-Some folks don't enjoy chewing fruit


1. Taste can be unpleasant.

2. Not everyone tolerates all types of protein powders.

Find one that works for you. Some people don't digest it well.

3.You'd rather chew your food than drink a meal.

4. There's an increased sense of satiation of eating and chewing foods versus drinking.

5. Texture. For some the texture of a smoothie doesn't work.

As you can see, shakes aren't a magic formula for everyone. There's positives and negatives. The best thing you can do is try it for yourself and see how you feel.

The best way to know if it works for you is if you can do it consistently! And if you can't, don't feel bad. It's just not for you!