3 (Good) Reasons You Shouldn't Skip your Warm-Up

I love a good warm up! In fact I have been known to extend the warm up a little too long on occasion.

I have my reasons (indulge me here)….

1. Unconsciously delaying the actual workout because of laziness or low energy.

2. Soreness from the previous workout or day's activities.

3. Getting older and it takes a bit longer to work out all the kinks.

4. It's cold outside (or inside) and it's taking a bit longer to warm-up.

Whatever the reason I would encourage you to make sure your program has a proper warm-up and here's why. Knowledge is power right?!

1. Rehearsing the Workout

The warm-up I create for my client's workout have a distinct purpose. The muscles and movement patterns prepare the body for the upcoming exercises. It's a little way of nudging the body to get ready for the workout ahead.

2. Decreasing risk of injury

At the age of 10, I'd finish dinner and run outside to bounce around on our trampoline with no issues. Years later at 37, that's not the case. Our body loves homeostasis (the state of sameness) and beginning a workout disrupts that state. Easing into a workout with a good 5-8 minute warm up is essential for decreasing the risk of injury. This is a, "better safe than sorry scenario."

3. Perfect opportunity for "Pre-Hab" Exercises

Pre-hab exercises is just the opposite of what we think of as re-hab exercises. Meaning, essential exercises that our body need in order to stay move and groove well. These are exercises for the shoulder, core or hips. Most of the time, they are exercises that are too easy to put into the workout but too imperative to ignore. It's a time efficient place to put these exercises to stay strong and move well.