4 Ways to Eat Better Without Losing Your Sanity.

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Despite the fact that there's no shortage of meal plans, diets, recipes, and nutritional gurus out there, I always find most of us are confused about what we should be eating.

Do you feel like you're losing the battle because you hear the message of eating too much sugar, not enough fat, too many carbs, or the endless battle most women face of not getting enough protein.

I propose the answer lies in the ability to understand the science of eating and how it applies to your unique body, mind and spirit by following these 4 principles:

1. Appropriate Food Quantity.

We all have a threshold of calories where we maintain our current body weight and composition. This is called an eucaloric state. In other words it's how many calories we need to consume in a given day, week, month and year in order to maintain our current body weight and composition. When that threshold is exceeded we gain tissue, sometimes we feel guilty, get in a cycle of cravings, loss of control, a sense of regret, depression and helplessness. All that being said, we feel our best when we are eating just enough calories to support our unique body's needs.

2.Favorable to Taste buds.

The famous question: what should I eat? My answer: what do you like to eat? The best plan is the plan you'll actually follow. We don't have a shortage on plans that work but we do have a shortage on what plans people will follow (long term). It's because if you hate eggs but force yourself to eat them because somewhere along the line you heard healthy people eat eggs. You think you'll learn to love them...and you might. But probably not. So instead of gagging down foods you hate, capitalize on getting strategic! Eat the foods you enjoy. If you don't enjoy a certain food, don't eat it. It's really that simple! If you're on the boarder with some foods work them in here and there but don't think you need to eat them everyday.

3. Favorable to our Body.

Right now there are a lot of popular diets. Some remove gluten, sugar, dairy, or a majority of carbohydrates altogether. For some, eliminating those things will work because of a sensitivity or other personal issue. But not for everybody. Make sure to take yourself into account and how YOU personally feel before jumping on the latest fad diet wagon. I have zero problems with any of them because I know that for some people they do wonders and their body starts feeling the best it's felt in years. Just know that's not everybody, each person has to go on a journey to figure it out for themselves.

4. Favorable to our Spirit.

Feeling deprived because you've been on a crash diet for the last few weeks and end up binging isn't going to be sustainable or feed your spirit in a lasting way. Along those same lines, always thinking you need to lose weight is a really hard existence. If this is a real issue talk to a friend or counselor about what's really going on. Normally we think our issue is just that we need to lose a few pounds but the reality is typically a bit deeper. Sort of like my hairstylist says...when you are wanting bangs or a drastic change it's never about the bangs or hairstyle!