3 Ways to Make Sure You're Not Going to Be Surprised By Your Fitness

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I've been told I have an old soul...I agree. But I'm not sure it's because I have an old soul or because I value significance. When I first started training while I was in graduate school, my first client was the President of the University. What a way to start right!? I look back on those early mornings and realize I probably got more out of those sessions from him than he did from me. One piece of advice that sticks out to me most was his philosophy on going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday. Fast forward 15 years later and I 100% agree! Understanding this leads me to my topic of not being surprised by your fitness and it all is centered around consistency over time.

Let's get to the nitty gritty of why having a clear understanding and being consistent with your fitness will help you not be surprised by the ride you'll take or maybe currently are on.

1. The beginning will be the easiest part....well, once you have made the decision to begin (that can be the hardest part). You're high on the new, the beginning. There's so much excitement with the beginning because our brains are wired that way. Knowing this might be the most beneficial because after the initial week or so, things get a little harder. Just the knowledge and understanding of this is power, right?!!

2. When the new wears off don't be surprised. A common thought is, "what in the world was I thinking?" I don't want to workout and I surely don't want to eat (or not eat) that stuff anymore. Here's what I've seen...it will be easy, then it will be hard and if you can stick with it through the doubtful thoughts, it will get easy again...or at least easier!

3. Progress is almost always slower than we think it should be. If weight loss is a goal, the weight might not come off as quickly as you think it should. It never fails! Over the years nearly 100% of my clients that lose weight believe it should be coming off faster than it actually does. This again creates doubt. The belief that it isn't working and some other plan will be better is false. In all actuality, the plan that works the best is the plan you can stick with. The one that offers a little bit of cushion but a lot of structure is what I've found to be the most successful LONG TERM!

If you can keep these 3 things in mind as you begin your journey with fitness you will be ahead of the game. The trick is to outwit yourself because we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to working towards our goals. Feelings of doubt and uncertainty will arise! When (not if) they do, knowing and understanding it will give you power over your weaknesses.

Consistency over time is the key. Creating and sticking to a plan (not only in the beginning but in the middle too) will begin to dictate long-lasting positive habits and will allow you to have more control over your unhealthy habits. This will ultimately minimizes surprises and help you accomplish your fitness goals.