total body workout

Core Warm Up

Notes: Repeat these super set exercises in this series for a total of 3 times through.

knee in to open with opt squeeze

Option to but a small ball or pillow between your knees to engage your inner thighs (which also engage your core more). Lean back while engaging your abs. You have can keep your feet on the ground (easier) or lift your legs up and extend them (harder) while lowering back.

plank opp arm taps/leg lift

In an all 4's (easier) or full plank position (harder) pull your belly button in to engage your abdominal muscles while lifting your right leg (engage booty) and simultaneously lift your left arm and tap your right shoulder. Do this on each side. It's a brain exercise too!!!

Super Set A

Notes: Repeat super set exercises in this series for a total 3 times. 

wide stance deadlift

In a while stance with feet slightly turned out, hinge from hips with a flat back and squeeze a lemon in your armpits. This will help to engage your whole back. Press down through the floor and engage your legs as you stand back up.

standing banded out and in (opt twist)

Stand with knees bent and abs engaged. Use a light band (loop it around a pole or attach to wall mount) and pull band to straighten and bend arms in front. Option to twist and rotate with a punch instead (little harder but also slightly different exercise). Both work on core stability and shoulder strength.

Super Set B

Notes: Repeat super set exercises in this series for a total 3 times. 

standing side and front shoulder raises

Stand with knees slightly bend and abs engaged. Keep elbows slightly bend and take arms out to side and then forward. Repeat this until all reps are complete.

Super Set C

Notes: Repeat super set exercises in this series for a total 3 times. 

rear delt flies

Hinge at hips slightly, use light dumbbells for this exercise. Keep elbows slightly bent and centered under chest. Extend arms out to side using back shoulder muscles.

alternating front kicks

Reach opposite arm to knee, calf or foot while keeping knees slightly bent and abs engaged.

alt back kicks

Standing with both arms tucked in (or hold onto a wall or back of chair for help with balance-easer). Alternating kicking one leg and then the other back behind you. Lean forward slightly and keep both knees slightly bent the whole time.

Super Set D

Notes: Repeat super set exercises in this series for a total 3 times. 

hingy squat

Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart (can hold a dumbbell or not) and bent down (hinging at your hips with a flat back) and bend your knees like you are going to pick something up off the ground. Press down through the ground with your pinky toe and outside heel to stand up.

side lunge transition

You may use dumbbells to make this harder and no dumbbells to focus on form. Bend one knee by driving your hips back like you are going to shut a refrigerator door closed with your booty. Reach opposite arm towards the opposite foot while keeping chest tall and feet firmly planted into the ground.

Mobility/Cool Down

Notes: Repeat 2 exercises in this series for a total of 1 times through. Take your time and focus on slow breathing.

low lunge hold to straight leg stance

Begin in a low runners stretch (can use block to help if mobility is limited). Hold and breathe in to relax your body. When you feel ready, straighten your legs and hinge forward. Breathe and relax body in this position.

standing chest opener with hands behind your back

Standing with knees slightly bend and clasp hands behind your back while letting your shoulder blades come together and expand the chest. May grab ends of a towel if needed for help with shoulder flexibility.