Billie Hord

Billie's workout: week of 4-25-2021

Notes: Repeat this list of exercises 2 Times Through

side lateral raises

Stand with knees slightly bent and use light dumbbells for this (or no dumbbells if you have any shoulder discomfort). Keep elbows slightly bent as you lift your arms to the side. Think about using your shoulder muscle to lift your arms.


alternating overhead presses

standing single arm break aparts

Use a light to medium band. Grab the band on the ends so there's space between your hands. Stabilize one arm out on front while pulling the other arm back using your upper back muscles. Be careful not to engage your neck. 

10 Total

alternating banded rows

Standing with a medium resistance band around a pole or hooked into the wall, alternate your row by bending your elbows and driving your shoulder blade into your spine. Knees should be bend and abs engaged. This is a swift exercise but keep it a controlled movement.


sit to stand

Sit on a chair completely then drive through your pinky toe and outside heel to stand up by driving your feel down into the ground in order to stand up. Once standing, drive your hips back and sit all the way down on the chair, resting for a moment before standing again.


standing bi curls

Standing tall with good posture and looking forward and hold weights by your side. Make sure your knees are slightly bent and your pulling in your belly button to control your abs. Bend your elbows like you are going to smash a grape. 


Standing Side Stretch

Stand tall and clasp your left wrist with your right hand. Drive your hand up then over while pushing down through your left foot. Feel the lengthening through the left side of your body. Breathe deeply. Repeat on right side.

30 Seconds/Side