BILLIE'S workout: week of 6-6-2021

Notes: Repeat this list of exercises 2 Times Through


Laterally moving side to side and stepping on one foot as an inline skater might do, shift back and forth while pulling your abs in and letting your arms move side to side. This can be done with or without a dumbbell, with or without a hop and fast or slow

30 Total

alternating overhead presses

high knees

Stand and alternate driving one knee up to your chest and then the other.

30 Seconds

alternating but kicks

Stand and alternate bending your knees so much that you are trying to kick your own booty.

30 Seconds

push ups

Extend legs and engage all your leg muscles as well as abdominal muscles while you bend your elbows and pinch shoulder blades to lower chest to the ground. Push the floor away with your hands to extend. To make this easier, lower knees to ground.


seated overhead presses

Sit on a ball or a bench/chair and engage your abs. Drop elbows by your side and punch to the sky. Make sure you can see your weights in your peripheral vision (this will ensure they aren't flared too far. Start with lighter dummbeels to make sure shoulder feels good. Increase weight to make this harder. Don't arch back when straightening arms overhead.